7 Positive Affirmations for Breastfeeding

Thinking positively is so important for a person's mental health. Our mind is the key to our soul and really does impact the way we act and behave. The more experienced we become at life, the more we understand that happiness and positivity are not linked to material or external things but are linked to our inner state of mind, the relationships we have with each other and the relationship we have with ourselves. 

It can be very easy to think of and be consumed by all the negatives that surround having a baby and breastfeeding. Whilst we recognise that nobody is happy 100% of the time and it’s important to allow room to express yourself, we also encourage you to challenge repetitive negative thoughts early so they don't become habitual- because we all know habits can be very hard to break. 


So that’s where affirmations come in. 

Affirmations are positive words or phrases that are designed to be repeated to combat negative or unhelpful thoughts. 

The most important thing is that your affirmations make you happy. So whatever they are, whether it's two words, one phrase or multiple phrases- the key thing is that you have an affinity to what you are stating and it is relevant to you. 

Affirmations should be repeated 3-5 times a day for reinforcement and the best ways are either to write it down in a journal, practice them in front of a mirror or hang them in a familiar place where you visit often. Affirmations whilst breastfeeding is great as it is usually at a quiet, peaceful and uninterrupted time 

Below are some examples we have come up with for great positive affirmations for breastfeeding. Feel free to use these or to make up some of your own:

"We are working together one minute at a time"

"I was beautifully made to nourish my baby"

"My baby will thrive on my breast milk"

"This is tough but so am I"

"My body and baby are healthy and strong"

"My confidence as a mother grows stronger everyday"

"I am so grateful for my ability as a mum"

We believe in you Mum, keep on keeping on and take this whole adventure one day at a time! 

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