Are breastfeeding clothes actually worth the money?

The truth is that nursing clothes vary in price but for good quality clothing that does what you need, you might have to be prepared to part with a pretty penny. And in a time where breastfeeding clothes are becoming more widely available and the options are increasing - a reasonable question remains whether buying breastfeeding specific clothing is actually worth it? 



Yes- Yes- Yes! (IMO) And by coming to understand why it’s a worthwhile investment, I’ve been able to receive all the benefits from breastfeeding clothing that I would have missed out on. I had three key questions that really helped me understand the long term value they brought- let me share my thoughts! 


What if I don’t actually breastfeed?

A lot of woman want to breastfeed when baby is born but so many have concerns about whether they’ll physically be able to. Actually, data shows that nearly every mother is able to initiate breastfeeding after birth and by 6 months close to 50% are still breastfeeding in the UK. That percentage continues to increase year on year showing that not only are more people breastfeeding but they’re actually going the distance too! This means that you’ll definitely be making regular use of your breastfeeding clothing, and therefore money well spent. 


How long will the breastfeeding clothes last?

You might be worried that you’ll only wear your breastfeeding clothes when you’re actually breastfeeding (go figure) but the best nursing dresses have built-in subtle feeding functionality (zippers, poppers, pull-ups etc) that means long after you’ve finished breastfeeding, you can still wear your dresses for any occasion! Imagine that! Clothing that reduces waste, lasts longer and still has purpose is the type of sustainable feels we are all about! 


Why are breastfeeding clothes so ugly?

Honestly speaking, there really are a lot of naff looking maternity and post maternity clothes out there and absolutely nobody wants to part with money on something that might do the job but falls short of making you look and feel good.  Thankfully more options are becoming available and  breastfeeding dresses like Kara Blooms, are both functional and comfortable, stylish and flattering too. We know that clothing that delivers all these things are hard to come by and therefore the value is obvious!


So, in summary- it really is worth your money to buy breastfeeding clothes-frankly, it was the best investment I made in myself in the fourth trimester! So I encourage you to do the same and start by adding a Kara Bloom breastfeeding dress to your wish list, gift list or just straight into your wardrobe!

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