Breastfeeding Dress for Weddings

My biggest realisation that Kara Bloom was needed came after one of my friend’s weddings! I was looking forward to their wedding all pregnancy, Id even picked out the exact dress I wanted to wear a long time before (probably my first mistake)! Amara couldn’t have been older than a couple of months! I was ready; excited to see people, socialise and of course witness my friend’s beautiful wedding- with little Amara in tow!

I sat down comfortably on the pews of the church and settled in, excited for a wonderful display of love and happiness. It couldn’t have been a minute after the chords struck for Canon in D major that Amara suddenly realised that she was starving!! 

Trying to subdue her; bouncing, rocking, shushing - only seemed to make her roar louder, drawing attention away from the procession. (I remember understanding why people typically refuse kids at weddings!)Begging the lady next to me to unzip me from the back, clutching Amara like a football I dove into the nearest door! 

I had found myself in a dark cloakroom at the back of the church. Breasts out- hoping not to scare a poor alter boy I began to breastfeed. Despite feeding her not long before, this was, of course, a marathon feed. And so from the dark mouldy confines of this room, I barely heard anything and missed the whole ceremony! Beyond gutted!


Kara Bloom’s Magnolia dress is designed for special occasions like this! It’s hidden breastfeeding zips mean mums no longer having to run and hide- you can comfortably sit where you are and breastfeed discreetly without having to miss the vows, the grooms speech or even the first dance. It’s fashionable and elegant so you’ll look a wonderful addition to the wedding party. New mums shapes are always changing but with a material that gives whilst hugging the right places it enhances a mothers womanly physique whilst being completely flattering.



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