Check in on your friend that's just given birth!

I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't been affected by coronavirus in one way or another. There are so many people whose lives and livelihoods have been turned upside down and one group my heart definitely goes out to is those who are due or welcoming a baby soon. What's meant to be a very positive time is one that is filled with chaos and uncertainty and disruption.  

Not long ago mothers were complaining about the constant streams of visitors they were getting when their little bundle had arrived (all the noise, the demands, the germs!) and now the situation couldn’t be any more different. Eerily quiet, not even grandparents can visit their new family members without fear and worry!

As we individually find ways to pass the time, I pose a gentle reminder to not forget your new mum friend and those who are working out this newborn stage in isolation. Below are a few ideas of thoughtful things that you can do to show your friend or family that even though you can't be physically with them - you are still there to support them!


1. Send flowers! 

I personally love flowers and a bright lovely smelling flower can really brighten up a space and be a beautiful positive reminder every time its looked at. There are great flower companies (like Bloom and Wild) that are able to post flowers through a letterbox with minimal contact and its great to support small businesses!

2. Schedule a hangout!

Maybe not a conventional way of meeting a baby for the first time but it'll certainly be a memorable way! You can use apps like Zoom! too and get lots of people involved in the party! This app is really intuitive and easy to use and is a great way of letting your friend know that she hasn't been forgotten!

3. Send a special gift!

Just because things have changed, doesn't mean you can't get creative with your gifts for new mums! There are many small businesses still operating (like Kara Bloom for a breastfeeding mum) so have a look at what's out there and send your new mum something unique to remember you by.

4. Check in!

Don't just ask about the baby, ask about mum! Send messages, voice notes, emails, texts, funny videos- anything to get her giggling and lightening the mood! Its very funny how quickly Mums can get all consumed by infant feeding, vomiting and baby poo! Be that welcome distraction

5. Food! 

The key to anyone's heart is always food! Prepping and delivering a cooked meal to drop outside or scheduling a takeaway gives parents one less thing to worry about. No one wants to worry about cooking or preparing meals, and the need for nutrition, especially for a breastfeeding mum is so important!

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