How to style the Kara Bloom breastfeeding dress for corporate work

So it’s time to return to work but you’re not ready to stop breastfeeding? You are not alone!  Every mum worries about how to incorporate their personal work style with nursing- looking professional whilst being able to have easy access to feed.

Whether you are in the boardroom, at a meeting or in the staff room- being able to get privacy to breastfeed or pump is not always as easy as it should be. The Magnolia dress allows you to look the part and hold your own whilst containing hidden zips along the breast which allow you to discretely pump or feed wherever and whenever you want. This dress embodies the supermum in you! 

So here’s our example of how to style the Magnolia dress for corporate work. 

Here we’ve chosen an all black apparel with strong neutral earrings (@adorbyayesha) to compliment the look. Black clothing is associated with power, strength and elegance. Not only is it distinctive and adaptable but it creates a smooth illusion that favours your post baby body. Share with us your pictures of how you style your dress to work so we can share it on our socials! 

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