Isolation pack for Mums!

So I think we could all do with a hamper/care package to survive these days as a working from home/stay at home Mum. Times are changing but it remains ever important to look after ourselves. These times, where we can’t just pop into the nail shop, the hairdresser, beautician or over to a friends for a chat - we have to make sure that we keep doing the things that make us happy right from the comfort of our own home! Below, we’ve compiled a list of must haves for this unknown period of isolation!


Aside from all the essentials to get you through the weeks, I think we should treat ourselves to something we really love! It doesn’t have to be a chocolate bar or a pack of sweets but it could be a guiltless pleasure!  Something that can last some time and when you need a pick-me-up, it will do just the trick! Have a think and share with us what some of your favourites are! 

As well as that, anyone who’s been home so far knows that snacks are no longer an option but are mandatory! I visit the snack cupboard so regularly it should be a sin but nevertheless, I’ve stocked it up with healthy supplies- rice cakes, nuts & seeds, breadsticks and fruit to make sure I’m not completely tipping the balance. 



This can be a non-alcoholic beverage like tea or coffee or it can be an alcoholic beverage for when those days have been particularly long. I just bought a delicious bottle of Sangria from Costco and treat myself to a cheeky glass on the weekend to congratulate myself for making it through yet another week. Clink Clink



No matter who you are, day 1000 of quarantine has us all in need of some TLC. Body overgrowth, dry hair, puffy eyes, whatever it may be, we are all experiencing it to some degree. Whilst that’s ok and there’s thankfully no-one to judge us - it’d be nice to take a day in the week to just do some personal spring cleaning 1)  It’s good to get on top of it regularly so that it doesn’t become difficult to control 2) I instantly feel so much better when I feel like I’ve given myself some love. 

TLC looks different for everybody- but find yours and treat yourself: Here’s a list of items I’ll be putting in mine- what would be in yours? 

Tweezer- Nail Clippers- Nail varnish- Razor - Shampoo & conditioner- Body wash - Massage oil - Cucumber -  Foot scrub & moisturiser



Speakers and a playlist- playing your favourite either upbeat music first thing in the morning or relaxing music last thing at night to meditate-are game changers to improving your energy. Playing it out loud has a great feeling of being present in the moment!  

Podcast- Podcasts are the future and they are growing in popularity every day! I recommend browsing and finding podcast topics that interest you. Business, Personal, Comedy, Motherhood etc. there’s thousands. Look out for our blog where we detail some of our favourites at the moment!

Brain games- sudoku, TIMES crossword puzzles, MENSAH brain challenges - keep your mind active away from work! Stimulate yourself with something challenging activities and get your friends involved too!

Netflix/Amazon Prime logins - I imagine over the next coming months new documentaries/series/films will be popping up and everyone around the world will be talking about them (much like Tiger King) so if you haven’t already make sure you get a login so you can Netflix and chill when you need to! 

Board games- fun way of unwinding away from tv, social media and your phone and a great way of spending quality time with your partner or the family- I’m a Scrabble Queen!  

Book- Now is the time to get into a book you’ve been wanting to read. Books never go out of fashion and are a great way of developing yourself. Challenge yourself outside your usual genre and read something that builds on you. 



Trainers and slippers- I don’t imagine any other shoes are being worn these days so make sure you get your best most comfortable shoes out. Get your good walking/running shoes on and get your comfy slippers in- you’ll be living in these for the foreseeable future! 

Subscribe to a fitness channel or video- Yoga with Adriene, Fit with Joe Wicks  and many more all have 30 day home challenges to help pass the time! They don’t require any equipment, are great motivators and allow you to shut down that gym membership and save money! 



So there you have it- that’s our list of recommendations! Notice that none of these Mum isolation self-care ideas involve children or partner – it’s all about remembering and taking care of you… so that you can take care of them! 

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