Should I buy breastfeeding clothing?

 First off! Congratulations! You are either on your way to or have given birth to a very beautiful little human! And now somewhere along the line you’ve asked yourself a very important question – Should you buy breastfeeding clothes?

When I had my first child, I’ll be honest, I tried to make do without breastfeeding clothes by wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes and ‘adapting' them to breastfeeding. 

I managed-yes, but it was so inconvenient. So when I had my second child I decided to take the leap and invest in breastfeeding clothing and honestly, I didn’t just see the difference - I felt it! 

It turned out to be the best investment I made in myself in my fourth trimester. 

So what’s the big deal?

It really comes down to the fact that BREASTFEEDING IS HARD ENOUGH 

I know I don’t have to say that twice but here it is again…Breastfeeding is hard enough! Between the engorgement, the leaking nipples, the discomfort, the latching and the round the clock nursing- it’s a job.

So when making the decision, you really want to invest in things that make breastfeeding easier! Nursing dresses do just that! Here are my reasons why:


 1. Save your modesty 

Breastfeeding clothes are incredibly dignified and really make a difference to how much modesty you can keep when nursing in public. No longer did I have to wrestle multiple layers of clothing, pull my dress up over my head, run to a secluded corner or be hyperaware of everyone watching me as I pulled out my breast. All of these things subtly affected my psyche as I was weighed down by the hassle of it all! Breastfeeding clothes provide convenience and improve wellbeing – both these things increase your chances of breastfeeding for longer!


 2. Save your clothes

Normal clothes are just not designed for breastfeeding. When I tried to ‘adapt’ my normal clothes for breastfeeding with my first child- I ended up with a pile of damaged clothes by the end, stretched and contorted past their normal fibers. By having specific clothes for breastfeeding (ones that come with zips, poppers, buttons or folds) I was able to save my pre-pregnancy clothes and thus save myself money and make the best use of my hassle- free nursing clothes.


 3. Save on the extra COVER-UPS

Being a mother comes with enough things to remember to pack and worry about that you don’t want to have to add a scarf or cover up to the list aswell. I never took to a breastfeeding cover for a number of reasons other than Id probably always forget them. I also didn’t find them stylish, I always felt hot and bothered by them and I didn’t want my babies to fall asleep quicker on the breast because of the warm and dark environment they created. So with nursing clothing, you can comfortably forget about the extras!


4. Save your WOMANhood

 The options available are increasing which means they are becoming more fashionable, stylish and flattering. Nursing is often reserved as an unflattering time of motherhood but with brands like Kara Bloom, that are designed for the modern mother - you can still look and feel your very best. There are subtle adjustments that take into account the changes to your body but still curve out your shape to make you look like the yummy mummy you are.  Their designs are stylish and sophisticated and feminine, no more boring stripes and outdated floral on maxi material. My friends are always shocked when they ask me about my dresses and realise they're actually designed for nursing - they never knew breastfeeding could be so fashion forward!


SO there you have it! 4 great reasons to buy breastfeeding clothes and feel your best as you look after your growing child! Having the convenience, the style and the functionality rolled into one, made a huge difference to my experience and I would 100% recommend you do the same!  



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    In this time, all mommies are so confused about the dressing and some are to avoid to go outside. It is mainly helpful content for those mommies. Thank you!!!

  • Lucy

    This is an amazing breakthrough in garments that are specifically created for women in general. Love the concept and bravo for taking the plunge 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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