Summer's Not Over Yet! How to make the most of what's left!

With social distancing guidelines in effect and many schools still closed, children are spending more time at home than usual. Parents have been on a roller coaster the past months, many are struggling to find safe and interactive ways to keep the little ones engaged during a pandemic summer. There’s plenty to look forward to for what's left of summer. While it’s important to protect kids’ health, it’s also necessary to maintain a fun summer. 


Keep a schedule

Having a plan is better than asking children ‘What do you want to do now?’  They will choose TV, computer time or video games. Instead of encouraging these as entertainment, think of healthier activities like sports and outdoor activities, reading etc. It’s true that we need to be flexible (we don’t know when things will change), but having a structured plan is always important. If you plan out two or three weeks in advance, you have the opportunity to have family trips (to the beach or even a local park), outdoor barbeques and road trips! Lets not forget most things have to be booked online in advance anyway!

One cool activity per day keeps the virus away

Summer 2020 may look a bit different than usual, but we’ve gathered up a list of alternatives for activities that will keep kids occupied during this time. Try brainstorming a list of family activities with the kids one night after dinner. They will feel like they participate in important decisions. If you are looking to make it more fun, try writing each activity on a small piece of paper, then putting them in a box. Allow each kid to pick an activity for the next day. Very exciting!

Activities examples:

  • Gardening 
  • Riding the scooters at lunchtime
  • Slime playing
  • Hiking/ Biking
  • Outdoor picnic
  • Set up a temporary pool
  • Have a squirt gun fight
  • Have a road trip to the nearest lake
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Family cooking competition 
  • Dance competition
  • Friday pizza night
  • Movie night in the backyard/living room
  • Enjoy virtual tours of famous museums, exhibits (Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Louvre Museum in Paris)
  • Watch onlineusical productions 
  • Visit a beautiful garden/park (In London there are places like Kews botanical garden or Richmond park where you’ll be sure to spot some deer and other wild life)

Highlight upcoming events to look forward to on the calendar

Kids need things to look forward to this summer, therefore a great way to keep them focused and excited is to note upcoming events and activities on the family calendar. The aim is for  everyone to have in mind an exciting activity coming up. The key is to distract the little ones from the places they can’t go to or the activities that they can’t do due to the virus, and to make them look forward to other things!

This is not the summer most of us had planned, but with half of summer left, there’s still time to get efficient with your summer plans. The pandemic summer brought unique challenges for most parents, but let’s face it- we have to adapt to these changes and no better time than whilst the sun’s out! 

We would love to hear some of your upcoming summer plans and activities! Comment below!

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