The Kara Bloom Morning Routine

Some days the days can fly on by and it can feel like nothing has really been achieved, others days can go slow as tortoise and yet it can still feel like nothing has really been achieved. The most important thing when you have children, is some sort of schedule and routine. Regardless of how fast the day goes, with a routine like ours you'll be sure to have an efficient day, every day!

Routines are important both for your peace of mind, but also important for your child. Both empowering and a good example - who doesn't feel accomplished every time you get through your morning set? These recommendations have been designed to renew the mind, body and spirit for a great start to each day!

Below is our Kara Bloom morning routine for Mums to help things flow a little easier! 

Let us know how it works for you! 


Kick off your day in an energetic way by opening the curtains and windows to enjoy some morning  fresh air. Do your morning skin routine and  try to add a few minutes of morning yoga to your routine.Stretching will energize you.


Prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast (wholegrain porridge, smoothie, avocado  toast, fruits). 


Having a tidy place will keep you motivated. Make your bed right after you wake up. Wash the dishes after you have breakfast. Tidy up any clothes, toys  lying around. Clear your work area and the dining table to be ready for lunch.


Fit this into your routine: When you wake up write a list of 3 things you need to do today. Be realistic! Check your calendar.  Keep this sort of diary with you at all times.


Think about all of the things you are going to accomplish today instead of thinking that you have too much to do. Create a playlist with your favourite tunes, listen to it throughout the day. Light up some candles or burn scented sticks for relaxation.Wear a functional, but stylish outfit.  

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