Time to Celebrate!! It's World Breastfeeding Week

Let's be honest- we don’t need a week to celebrate breastfeeding- nope that’s not long enough we need a whole year! But (partial) jokes aside, that’s not why we do it, we do it out of love, selflessness and sacrifice and because we are fortunate enough to be able to! Although the journey is long, lonely and tiring - we make a choice to give our babies the best start with the best nutrition!

That being said, supermums rarely ask for anything in return- so I encourage you to take this week to celebrate yourselves and all that you do - you truly deserve it!

So here’s how you can get involved and Celebrate your successes!



Whether you are still breastfeeding or not, use this opportunity to go through your pictures and reminisce! Most mothers may find they don’t have that many pictures of themselves breastfeeding - which is ludicrous given it takes up such a significant portion of their time (no matter how long you breastfeed) and its so monumental. We encourage you to look through your old pictures and reminisce on how far you’ve come and take a minute to give yourself a tap on the back for completing your journey. If you are still breastfeeding take some more pictures - this time certainly doesn’t last for ever and capturing the moment will be a great memory for both you and your child!



The UN calls it ‘Brelfies’ and highlights that it’s a great way to reduce stigma and spread the importance of breastfeeding. 

Sharing Brelfies is a great way to encourage other mothers to do the same, raise awareness and highlight important points and questions- for example about the pros and cons of breastfeeding or the over sexualisation of breasts in the western world. 



As well as being extremely cathartic, sharing your breastfeeding story is very insightful and eye opening. Many women don’t think too much about breastfeeding and as a result it can be quite a challenging and difficult undertaking. Of course, no journey is the same but hearing what it was like for other women, what helped them keep going, when they knew it was time to stop etc are all very insightful takeaways and may make the difference to another mum coming after you!



It’s a great time to raise awareness about all the amazing breastfeeding companies especially small businesses. @karabloomclothing was started by a mummy doctor to two, who wanted mothers to feel confident when breastfeeding in public. Supporting breastfeeding companies is so important to help them keep doing their bit for babies, women and society! From breastfeeding friendly clothing, to nursing bras, to breastfeeding badges and teething rings- there are so many great women doing great things! 



No matter what you’re experiencing, your late night searches on doctor google will probably tell you that there’s a mother out there that has been through the same thing- with the eye bags/the stretch marks/ the painful breasts to match. So don’t ever try to brave the experience alone. There are lots of amazing breastfeeding groups out there - invest in sharing, building your community and eventually give back to others after you. Heres a link to our facebook group.

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