Ways to start exercising when you're a busy Mum (in Lockdown)

Exercise shouldn’t be a daunting undertaking! Fun pursuit of physical health is the ultimate goal and if you lose a bit of weight on the side- then great! If the lockdowns taught us anything it's that you can exercise absolutely anywhere, for absolutely nothing! Whilst our partners are scrambling for overpriced fitness equipment, lets be a vision and show them that being indoors is not going to stop you from achieving your goals! 



Just Start

As with any great challenge, the first step is the most important! Whether its 10 minutes or 45 - whether you're doing stretching, HIIT or Zumba in all honestly it doesn’t really matter - the most important thing is that you just get moving. The first time is always the hardest but what you achieve mentally from completing your first session, far outweighs the pain, muscle soreness and feeling of death that you get in the short run. 

Involve your kids 

It may seem impossible to think about exercising when you have little munchkins running around causing havoc but instead of trying to work your routine around them, why not work with them? Either by following exercise regimes aimed at the children (you’ll be surprised how challenging they actually are) or by setting up a football pitch or an indoor assault course - it'll also be great for bonding and lots of fun! Kara Bloom have a quick easy video for breastfeeding mums on our IGTV channel coming out this weekend- so look out for it!


Once you start, try not to stop! Once every 2 days, or twice a week- keep it moving! If you have the capacity- do it daily! (a great example for your kids) But for some, rest days are required and therefore its easier to prepare in advance the day(s) you are going to undertake exercise!  I aim to schedule for Mon, Wed and Friday and rest on the weekend! I need those rest days in between to recuperate and to make it more manageable!

Find someone you like

There's a plethora of fitness instructors, youtube channels and people out there who deliver great content! It's up to you to find someone you like to give you that motivation to get your heart rate up! From Fit with Joe Wicks, Yoga with Adrienne, Blogilates, Kayla Itsines and the like- there are so many influencers giving you a varied workout from the comfort of your own home! 

Accountability Friend 

If you need the extra support, don’t skip out on a 'gym' partner. You can do the exercises together over Zoom or you can just do weekly check-ins to make sure you’re both keeping up to the goals you’ve set for yourselves! Let them know what  it is you are hoping to gain from exercising: variety, fun, weight loss, stamina- because its nice to share, stay motivated and keep you accountable! 

When all else fails- WALK 

If all else fails..just take a walk. With the kids and buggy in tow or crack of the morning before the kids wake up just enjoy the outdoors! As summer approaches (and before it disappears) take the opportunity to stroll the block, nearest park or take the long route to the shops! Pick up the pace if you're feeling adventurous (and don’t worry you can always slow it down again)! I’ve heard amazing things about Couch to 5K podcast so if that’s something your interested in, download and let us know what you think!


All this to say, you really can do it! Exercise is not for the tough mudders and marathon extraordinaires - push yourself and you’ll be surprised by what you can do! Doesn’t matter how small it is (it counts!) incorporate it into your routine and when you’re ready - step it up.  We have a great video for mums who are breastfeeding coming out on our channel that highlights how short quick routines can be super effective and how you can make the most of any situation!

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