What do I need for Breastfeeding?

I love breastfeeding!! There I said it! It took a while because lets be honest, there are loads of things not to love- but once I got into it, I found it easy, convenient and requiring little to no brain work! Now, I know that not everyone can or even wants to breastfeed but if you’re like me and want to make a go of it- it’s absolutely important that you prepare yourself by having these must have breastfeeding items!

Photo by Charles (Unsplash)

 1. A nursing Bra 

 A regular bra is just not fit for purpose. Trying to flip up or pull your bra to the side, is pretty uncomfortable and awkward. And if your bra pings back it can either hurt baby or interfere with that hard earned latch! Womens bust size tends to increase during pregnancy so you’ll likely be shopping for a new bra anyway- so why not grab 2 nursing bras instead- they provide the comfort, extra support and easy functionality to make breastfeeding that bit easier. Secretly- I’m totally guilty of still wearing my nursing bras long after Ive finished nursing!!


2. Nursing Pads

As your breasts enlarge and eventually engorge with milk, you'll need nursing pads to soak up any excess production, as your body gets the right balance between how much to produce and how much baby needs. This usually takes place within the first month, but for some it does persist. Nursing pads are easy, you just pop them in your bra and change them when they’re soaked. We recommend reusable ones as they're better for the environment.  


3. Nipple cream 

Please don’t forget the nipple cream! Breastfeeding, in the beginning especially, can be toe curlingly painful (no-one tells you)- as baby figures out its latch and you figure out positions that work, it becomes a very sensitive time for your nipples.  If or when you feel the pain pain of breastfeeding- breathe through it, apply a nipple cream and know that you are not alone! 


4.  A breast pump and storage bags  

I would without a doubt recommend an electric breast pump. Manually expressing is way too much work, and so with an electric pump you save on both time and convenience. Expressing is important to help increase your milk supply- especially for times when your baby goes through a growth spurt for example. Once you’ve expressed you can store in it the freezer (where it can stay for up to 6 months) that way if you’re going back to work, or decide to stop breastfeeding early, you still have an adequate supply.

The Medela one is the very one recommended by the hospitals and the same one I would recommend . Its pricey but the same machine has been invaluable and lasted through both my pregnancies, so a worthwhile investment indeed! 


5.  A Kara Bloom dress 

Kara Bloom dress is a staple for breastfeeding out and about. Everything you need in a nursing dress it does, and more. Its highly compatible with a nursing bra so you can choose to wear it with or without one. It’s functional, discrete, and importantly - fashionable, so whether its work, dinner, lunch with friends you really can dress a KB to suit any occasion. 






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