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So Coronavirus has taken the meaning of working from home to a whole new level. For those of us that aren’t ‘key workers’ this may well be our new normal for an indefinite period of time. Usually, working from home means a day where you can take things a little slower, stay in your pyjamas whilst still doing your job. However, with the new changes every day at home is really now a day at the office. With that being said, staying in your sweat pants and pyjamas every day is probably not the best way around this new normal - below we outline a few reasons why dressing up for work everyday is the best way forward. 



It’s important for you to maintain that structure and routine. Alongside taking your calls, responding to emails, working through documents, exercising- dressing up to go to work shouldn't change either. Maintenance of routine in this confusing time will help maintain a sense of normalcy. For example, working in your pyjamas may make you feel like you are always ready to roll back into bed and as soon as that post lunch slump hits, the temptation will become increasingly harder to fend off. (Trust me, it’s very hard to go to bed in your full workwear!) 


Dressing up as if you were leaving your office will help set the tone of affairs for the day. It will remind you that the time you are in your clothes, is the time that you are at work. If you have children at home during this time (or a partner), this will also serve as a visual reminder to them that this isn't a weekend or holiday and therefore (as much as possible) those boundaries need to be maintained. 

Feeling good 

I don't know about you but the clothes I wear to work are not only empowering but they also make me feel good. Unlike pyjamas and athleisure (which don't necessarily make me feel like I can take on everything the day throws at me) the attire I wear to work increases my confidence and by proxy, my productivity. It’s in a time like this that I grow a stronger sense of affinity to the clothes in my wardrobe and even though my kids might be the only ones that see me in my workwear these days, it really is all about how it makes me feel on the inside! 

Again, because we don't know how long this is all going to last - it's really important that we get off to the right start. Clothes are designed to make us feel good and we shouldn't let the uncertain climates take that excitement away.

In our next article we share some style tips and advice on what are the best types of clothes to wear as a working from home mother!

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