Breastfeeding acrobatics

Who else’s baby does/ did this?!! Simone Biles move out the way 😅
Well whilst it doesn’t necessarily confirm their position on the US gymnastics team, I am pleased to tell you that it is so, completely normal! Occurring typically from 6months onwards. 

Babies become a lot more fidgety, distracted and mobile. With all these new skills they're developing, they don't seem ready to just settle down on the breast and its a battle. They obviously want it, but they also want to explore all the world has to offer!

Typically it can become quite draining on the mother, keeping up with all these antics, whilst trying to feed baby and keep your nipple intact, OUCH! 

Photo from @_lifeoflou_

Here are some top tips to help combat gymnurstics:

🔅Be patient! It is usually just a phase that they pass through like every other phase in toddlerdom.

🔅It can be painful, so sometimes you have to nip it in the bud before it gets too wild…it especially doesn’t work when you’re out and about, so try and give firm commands, hold them close or pause breastfeeding to remind them that you are not going to entertain the acrobatic performance

🔅Try different distractions like reading a book or singing a song or giving them something to play with/ hold their attention whilst they breastfeed sing they can’t be so caught up preparing for the Olympics!

🔅If you are planning to be out and about and you cant contain the acrobatics, then its important to try and plan your day around it, either by breastfeeding before you leave and providing snacks or expressing into a bottle.